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Podcast interviews

Have you ever been told that your pain is all in your head? It's more complicated than that when we consider how it affects our complete body and mind. We talked all about this on the On Call Empath Podcast. Listen to it here!

I sat down with physical therapist, Dr. Alissa Wolfe, for a chat about why chronic pain education is so important but so hard to find in the health care system. Check it out here!

"Conventional medicine approaches pain in this funny way. It operates as if the mind and the body are separate, when we know that they are continuously and unquestionably connected." Join us for another incredible guest episode, this time as we talk with Dr. Anna Redmond about the mysterious and frustrating topic of chronic pain. Dr. Redmond brings much needed clarity on the brain science behind pain, the factors that contribute to whether or not pain becomes chronic, and how the nervous system is intimately involved. We share some of our personal experiences with chronic pain, and talk about the power of neuroplasticity to help you recover from chronic pain. If you or someone you know wrestles with any of the various forms of chronic pain, you won't want to miss this episode!

In this podcast episode titled 'Masks Off for People Pleasers and Perfectionists,' host Kim Gross and guest Dr. Anna Redmond discuss chronic pain management, specifically catering to high-achieving women. Dr. Redmond, a clinical psychologist specializing in chronic pain, shares her philosophy of giving people a life bigger than their pain rather than just fixing the pain. She emphasizes the connection between chronic pain and perfectionistic behaviors, explaining how focusing on values rather than pain can significantly improve one's quality of life. Dr. Redmond and Kim Gross delve into the strategies of pacing, retraining one's brain, and incorporating biofeedback, highlighting the importance of understanding one’s pain triggers and learning to live with a greater sense of value and fulfillment. Additionally, they touch on the role of the nervous system in chronic pain, the potential for recovery, and offer actionable advice for listeners struggling with chronic pain and perfectionism.

Dr. Derrick Hines sits with Chronic Pain Educator, Dr. Anna Redmond to discuss the underlying reason for pain. Tune in to learn what types of pain exist, how your mind affects the way you feel pain, how to stop pain before it becomes chronic, and more!

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