Watch this FREE training to discover exactly how a 3-step reliable process will 3x your productivity and reduce the interference of flare-ups in only 90 days.

I went from feeling burned out, uncomfortable, and frustrated to navigating my days with ease… and you can too!

Right now, I’m on a mission to help 10 women with longstanding chronic pain restore joy, vitality, and sustained productivity over the next 90 days – guaranteed.

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Let me guess.. this is you

You are tired of trying to find consistency just to have it derailed by flare-ups

You are sick of pain interfering with everything you want to do

You feel isolated, frustrated, and really down sometimes. You miss the people and activities that brought you joy before pain

You are tired of feeling invalidated, misunderstood, and psychologized for your pain

Your life is starting to feel smaller and you're missing the things that brought you joy before pain

You lack confidence in coping with your flare-ups and approaching your day, so you just push through – it’s the only way to get everything done, and you pay for it later

You are tired of the fatigue when chronic pain disrupts your sleep

You are overwhelmed after years of trying to manage the stress and anxiety related to your chronic pain

You are burnt out to the max, always striving to maintain balance and meeting others’ expectations

You are a high achiever, so balancing your pain management and demanding lifestyle feels impossible

This is where you want to be

Enjoying stable pain and energy levels so that you can focus on your health and goals without fear or flare-ups

Getting back to recreation, hobbies, and social activities without the burden of chronic pain holding you back

Being able to focus and sustain productivity because pain isn’t interrupting everything you want to do... maybe even getting to those special projects

Engaging in activities confidently, with a proven system to simultaneously reduce flare-ups

Embracing new experiences and adventures with ease because you have a plan and your body isn’t as sensitive

Restful sleep, waking up confident and ready to tackle the day with energy and vitality

Feeling more fulfilled than ever knowing that you can actually do the things you planned

Experiencing peace of mind and emotional well-being

Embodying freedom in every area of your life


Hi, I’m Dr. Anna Redmond.  I’m a trained clinical psychologist, board certified in biofeedback, and highly specialized in chronic pain management.

I’m obsessed with helping women wake up with confidence to start the day they designed for themselves, without being held back by their flare-ups.  We deserve it.

I've been weaving my way through medical settings, the digital world, AND I've navigated pain myself.  To add fuel to the fire, I ignored my body, and pushed through it all in the name of people pleasing and perfectionism.

Talk about a one-way ticket to burnout in every direction possible.

This wasn’t sustainable.  Focusing on a medical fix for my pain, even with the psychological strategies I had in my toolbox, wasn’t effective. 

And, if you’re anything like me, it won’t be sustainable or effective for you either.

But don’t worry, I’ve honed in on the 3-step process to achieve real freedom, real ease in your days, joy, vitality, and sustained productivity and I’m sharing all of it with you.

I’ll even help you improve your sleep and reduce fatigue!

It looks like this…

Get a heavy dose of critical pain neuroscience and mind-body education to create the foundation for change.

Learn the step-by-step process for value-centric motion, an approach to movement that helps build activity while simultaneously preventing flare-ups (yes you really can do this)

Get restful sleep, find time for joy and self-care, manage your energy to increase productivity, and improve lifestyle balance with my A to Z guide for customizing pain interrupting rituals and designing your ideal day.

P.S. It's FREE!

Important Details:

This is not available for everyone.  But it is for you if:

You are a woman with long-standing musculoskeletal pain.

Your pain is becoming more widespread or your body more sensitive and you don’t know how to approach your day.

You’re ambitious, maybe even “type A”, with the tendencies of a high achiever, perfectionist, or people-pleaser ( i.e… you push through! )

You’re a persistent self-improver.  You’re always looking for new ways to recover from chronic pain.

You are ready for the hard work of change.  Time is never an excuse for you.

You desperately need the validation, empathy, and understanding of like-minded women with similar pain experiences.  You are open to learn and share with others.

You’re ready to dive in and invest in the much-needed support so that you can restore joy, vitality, sustained productivity, and freedom.

I will help you..

1. Confront your pain with less fear and apprehension

2. Pinpoint the unique personal elements steering your pain cycles because knowledge is power.

3. Recalibrate your nervous system with transformational mind-body connection strategies for a more easeful existence

4.  Check things off your to-do list without struggling through brain-fog, sleep deprivation, muscle tension, and flare-ups

5.  Reframe counterproductive pain thoughts and language to elicit a more positive emotional state with my anti-threat system

6.  Build activity while simultaneously preventing flare-ups with my step-by-step process for value-centric movement.

7.  Get the A to Z guide for designing your ideal day to improve balance and increase productivity

I’ve learned this through years of building an expertise in chronic pain AND I’ve used everything I teach in my own life.

How can I offer a guarantee?

Because I am so confident in my ability to help you and I’m so committed to your success.  But, I only work with ambitious women who are serious about the hard work of change with the willingness to put in the work.

So what do you say?  Let’s reclaim your joy and vitality.

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